Caption image above: Domino Park Brooklyn; source: Internet

This pandemic has impacted all of us and our cities, underlining our cities’ vulnerabilities as as well as bringing to light new needs. What does mean for the way in we now approach urban planning and urban development ? As these new needs and concerns arise, it is critical that we reevaluate the manner in which we plan, intervene and create, or co-create, our cities.

Contingent on the latter, I wanted to share an interesting article in Urbanet, written by David Jacome, which begins to speak to the matter. The article highlights the need to prioritize resilience in our urban planning and post-covid future, and speaks to the importance of adopting a system-based approach. Happy reading!

Concentration of vulnerable population (grey) and vulnerable cases with special needs identified by neighbourhood leaders (red dots) © Municipality of Quito; source: Urbanet

Link: https://www.urbanet.info/resilience-after-covid-system-thinking/

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