Caption image above: Unidad Independencia post-earthquake housing, Mexico; source: Architectural Review

For this post, I wanted to share this article on social housing: From the jaws of disaster: social housing solutions in Mexico

Taking the example of Mexico, the article speaks to the importance of coherent -and consistent- housing policies when it comes to both social housing and housing reconstruction.
The article states examples in Mexico’s housing history ranging from self-help efforts in the 1970s to more current practices which still rooted in participatory processes yet keeping in mind the  local practices, skillsets and materials (local and new) and address the socio-cultural, climatic and environmental circumstances of “place” more directly.
It also mentions the efforts and needs to tie housing to it’s surroundings- beyond the four walls and a roof- housing must be directly linked and designed keeping in mind services, infrastructure, public space, public equipment amongst others.
Bosco Residencia

Bosco Residencial in Hermosillo, Sonora by Alberto Kalach + TAX

The article ends with some wonderful examples of recent social housing examples in the country, highlighting the possibilities and the need of balancing good housing practices, principles and policies with the purely developer driven quantitative and financial bottom lines that now tend to drive the housing market.
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