Art in an alley, Austin; source: internet

Alleys as the new alternative

Before looking at particular recommendations for DC’s alleys, I want to continue the post on “Alley Potentials” to go beyond DC and look at other cities and examples.

More images than writing, I hope this post provides some eye candy and inspiration for what these alley spaces and structures can become… inspiration that I am now taking to transform, reintegrate and optimize Washington DC’s alleys- a project I am calling Re-act DC.

Stay tuned for a following post on Re-act DC and specific potentials for Washington’s alleys.


alley-living- san francsico.jpg

San Francisco, Living Cities project – landscaping and public space; source: internet

Atherstone-Mews-1-of-1-2- london.jpg

London, The London mews, wonderful Housing alternatives; source internet

Images above: Vancouver’s Lane houses, housing alternatives and Accessory Dwelling units; source internet.

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_09.jpg

Commercial and office space

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_13

Adaptive reuse


RE-act alleys-basics_Page_14

Art and placemaking

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_15

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_16

Urban Agriculture

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_17

Public space…

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_18

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_19

Temporary + Pop-up structures and events

RE-act alleys-basics_Page_20

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