Post by Silvia Soonets

Few weeks ago I posted about the work we are doing at Simon Bolivar University in the emblematic limit between Petare and La Urbina, in Caracas. Here there are the students ideas.

The videos show, from five different perspectives, how behind the problems there are amazing opportunities for the relevant of segregation, informality and poverty.

The videos are in Spanish, but I hope that still the intentions will be clear.

Desdibujando Barreras:  Blurring Barriers

Reconociendo Lo Informal: Recognizing Informality

REutilizando, REinsertando, REhabilitando:  REusing, REinserting, REactivating

Del Avila al Guaire: From Avila to Guaire

+Interaccion, -Exclusion: + Interaction – Exclusion

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