Above: US/Mexico border; source: internet


Artist render border wall;source: internet

I was involved in interesting academic discussions at UC Berkeley and alternative proposals when the Patriot Act and Secure Fence Act was being put in place by former US President Bush; and were actively pushing and budgeting the existing border wall. Though actively challenging the concept of a border wall, the intent was to use re-conceptualize the border and “wall” into a more productive alternative for the regions.

As it seems that current US President Trump have actively regressed back to these discussions, I felt it was a good opportunity to refer you back to the initial blog/discussions and proposals on these, as well as a new book that Professor of Architecture at UC Berkeley Ron Rael, the professor who initiated most of these discussions.

That said, without further ado, here are the tow links.

>> Border wall blog/studio

>> An article of the Borderwall as architecture book by Ron Rael, which compiles many of the ideas and proposals incited through the studio and blog.

Happy reading and I hope this inspires all of us to begin to challenge and think more productively about border and inter-relationships, hybrids and dependencies that exists in neighboring regions.

For more information on previous related border wall posts, please click HERE.

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