Source of feature image: Saulo Nicolai [FAVELAGRAFIA]

Happy new years FAVELissues readers!

As we kick of the 2017 posts, I wanted to begin by referencing a CNN publication “FAVELAGRAFIA” on the internal perspective of “favelados” in Rio de Janeiro. Taken with camera-phones, these are good visual narratives that challenge the paradigm giving viewers a glimpse of the day to day, the challenges, the opportunities and hope of different communities.

On this note, I also want to take this opportunity to share the link of FAVELARTE, a local organization in Morro da Providencia focusing on art, one of the first favelas in Rio de Janeiro. I first shared this link in my post ““Follow the Yellow Brick Road” :: Morro da Providencia’s Open Air Museum” which can access HERE.

161114091048-18-favelagrafia-photos-saulo-nicolai-exlarge-169 (1).jpg

Source of image above : Saulo Nicolai [FAVELAGRAFIA]

For my next series of posts I will takes us further ‘North’, to the US political capital Washington DC. Stay tuned to get a glimpse of the history and narrative of DC’s hidden and forgotten city!



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