Dear FAVELissues readers,

As we begin our Fall series, I wanted to take advantage of this post to bring to your attention the upcoming HABITAT III Conference [Quito, October 17- 20].

This United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, which takes place every 20 year, will be the third of its kind building on the  Habitat Agenda of Istanbul in 1996 and Habitat I in Vancouver,1976. The outcome of the conference will be a New Urban Agenda, an policy and action based documents striving for more inclusive, equitable and sustainable urban development.

localgov_the_road_to_habitatiiiIn preparation to the conference and Urban Agenda, there have been multiple Prepcom meetings in the different regions, each addressing a specific subject matter, as well as various write-ups worth checking out:

Issue Papers>> more information HERE (if you get the chance, check out the infrastructure and services paper as well as the housing paper; I was quite involved in these)

Policy Units>> more information HERE

Bref, if you are interested in urban development matters, this is a conference you should look into and if possible, attend! Shoot me a note if you are going, I will be there!

Register for the Conference before October 1st, HERE

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