Most of the cities in the world were born around rivers where people could drink potable water and coexist with the nature. Sadly, as time passed and the industrial revolution emerged many cities forgot their rivers were once the soul of the city. They became urban wasteland and inhabitable places.

2 Sin título

India River: Rumani Saikia Phukan

Entering Le Corbusier urban era many rivers were covered or surrounded by highways and bridges for cars. The river became a point of segregation and misery in the city.


Los Angeles River

In the beginning of the XXI century a new era of urbanism started to evolve around the rivers as the center of human life rather than spaces of urban oblivion. In my previous post I highlighted one of the most-known projects in the world: Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration in Seoul. This time I will share some pictures of the life of the Frankfurt’s Main River Promenade.

A human-scale river: + walking + cycling.



Frankfurt Eiserner Steg (Iron Footbridge) built in 1868.


 Rivers for children = rivers for all IMG_9900

Green Spaces to breath and relax. 



These are the only cars permitted to drive through… IMG_9916

It’s never to late to re-create our rivers…. Need inspiration? 7 Cities Transforming Their Rivers From Blights to Beauties

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