[1] If the favelas are considered the nodes between megacities and secondary cities, Could they be the key pieces to establish premises that allow us to re-construct a different urban theory? Is it possible to distinguish formal-informal, inside- outside urban practices? What are the socio-spatial dimensions of the ‘favelization’ question? How can the post maps be a valid source of favelas’ data?  Are the post-maps the only instruments of socio-spatial approaches? Are networks and post-maps the same thing? Do networks allow the consideration of the multi-dimensional urban phenomenon? Will hybridity be the favela’s urban condition? Would it be possible to re-urbanize favelas?


Photos by Diana Maldonado



[1] Research questions of the project: LATIN AMERICAN CONTEMPORARY BORDERS: RE-TERRITORIALIZING URBAN THEORY, Diana Maldonado (author) (work in progress).

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