post by Silvia Soonets

I’m happy to report two awards recently won by Venezuelan architects. Both go to projects dealing with informal settlements and poverty.

PICO won the ASF-AWARD-2015 with their project  Spaces for Paece, that we discussed in a recent post. The award goes to inspiring projects, with the motto, Learning South of North. The award site is worth a visit, as it presents a variety of interesting projects.

Earlier this year, Ana Cristina Vargas won the Dubai International Award for Best Practices, for her project Tracing Public Space, in Mumbay.  The project was her MIT thesis.

She is now back in Venezuela, and is working in the application of her research in our “barrios”. Today we attended to a conference where Ana Cristina showed her interesting  and touching work. I’m not giving any details as she has promised a guest post for the next weeks. Meantime, here is the project site.

It is rewarding to realize that, despite of all the problems Venezuela currently has, and the huge limitations we have in the improvement of our informal settlements, our professionals can still make important contributions.

Congratulations to both.

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