"Behind the Urban Frontier," Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Behind the Urban Frontier,” Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Exploring the concept of modern urban metropolises through the clandestine world of marginal cities and their struggle for equal rights ” (>> Villas, Buenos Aires)

Misunderstood, feared, discriminated against. The villas, favelas, and informal communities around the world are generally considered places of violence and hopelessness, contributing negatively to population growth. Exploring villas in a megacity like Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and others… I have a direct and intimate connection with these clandestine societies and how they work and function. They catalyze significant changes in society and culture through immigration and creation of new culture due to their organic and isolated nature. The idea (in the film) is to experience life inside this “other” society and show that the impact these places have on culture and changes in the cycle of society will make a powerful statement.

Reed Purvis – Director

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