LA 2050, Goldhirsh Foundation

Los Angeles street vending advocates have reached a new financial milestone with help from the Goldhirsh Foundation and the thousands of online voters who selected partners Leadership for Urban Renewal Now and the East Los Angeles Community Corporation as the winners of the LA2050 project in the income and employment category. The $100,000 award will help advance the partners’ efforts to legalize street vending in the city and, consequently, “organically bring investment streams into the poorest areas and communities of LA.

Called the LA Street and Sidewalk Entrepreneurs Initiative, the project proposes the creation of a venture capital fund for low-income entrepreneurs, healthy eating and lifestyle programs directly linking vendors and customers, and continued advocacy for legalizing street vending in Los Angeles. (Link)

Want a peek at what street vending will look (feel, sound, smell, taste) like in 2050? Take a look: LA Street Vendors: A Better Economy through Low-Income Entrepreneurs

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