I was in Singapore a couple of months ago attending the World Cities Summit (will definitely make a post on it) and – as usual – I was surprised by the power of communicating ideas with inspiring talks. In this Summit a large number of mayors participated (some who probably got to where they are because of their communication skills) and presented how their cities were being transformed by having a clear vision and a long term perspective of were the city should be heading (i.e.transport oriented development) and from what it should be taking some distance (i.e. violence). In many occasions, their interventions were short, with in between jokes and with a clear message – similar to a TED talk, like the one following these paragraphs.

This is the first of a series of posts I will be doing on inspiring talks – so I will stop with the writing since it should be much more inspiring to watch the video than to continue reading. I will say that I don’t completely agree with all of what Robert Neuwirth is saying on informality but it does seem like a good introduction to “The Power of Informal Economy”.

I hope you enjoy.

here is the link in case you have problems viewing the video directly from our blog.

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