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With the beginning a new year, and the completion of a year long travel fellowship, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the readers for keeping up with the blog and for all of your comments. As previously stated, the main goal of FAVELISSUES is to become a forum, a platform allowing the exchange ideas and opinions in order further the discourse and practice on the “informal city”.

Although my fellowship has ended, the research is only beginning. I will continue posting on FAVELISSUES, and  in addition, I will open up the blog for new writers -focusing on a particular project or city- to post on a bi-weekly basis. I hope to continue the exchange and welcome new  contributions!

All the best for 2011 and keep posted for more information on Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires…. as well as a future intro to some of our new writers.


PS: Feel free to contact me if you would to become a writer or contribute a post to FAVELISSUES.com

5 thoughts on “note from author:opening up FAVELISSUES

  1. Hi .. I’m an architecture student at LSBU London South Bank and currently writing essay on “a comparative study of social, political & architectural aspects of informal settlements in Brazil & South Africa” There are some pretty heavy & serious books on the subject (Marie Huchzermeyer .. a bit too much to absorb although excellent stuff.
    Can you point me to something easier to understand and with more architecture and less social & poloitical issues ? Would be most grateful
    Your comments, your research proposal “The Formal Informal” sounds really interesting & I’d love to read it.
    Well done
    David Gerrard

  2. Hola Adriana, te escribo en español porque por lo que he visto en tu blog me parece que lo entiendes y sinceramente me es más fácil. Si no fuera así, por favor dímelo e intentaré escribir con mi pobre inglés.
    Me llamo Salva y estudio Arquiectura en la Universidad de Alicante, en España. Estoy realizando mi Proyecto Final de Carrera (no sé si le llamáis tesis) sobre Río de Janeiro, con motivo de los eventos deportivos de 2014,2015 y 2016. También hice un proyecto sobre Tijuana. Me pongo en contacto contigo por un doble motivo:
    -Me gustaría ofrecer cualquier tipo de ayuda para tu blog, ya que como te he puesto yo también estoy desarrollando uno, aunque de más temáticas (morpho-0.tumblr.com), como escritor o contribuyendo con lo que pudiera.
    -Pedirte cualquier ayuda que me puedas aportar, información sobre las favelas de Río, estrategias e incluso mostrarte mi trabajo para que me des tu opinión.
    Bueno, espero que me escribas, si fuera posible al mail (salvaortizmacia@gmail.com). Muchas gracias y enhorabuena por el blog

  3. Hi Adriana,

    Thanks for your interesting blog-posts, it is hard to find well-informed architecture-related articles on informality on the web.

    I am an architect based in London and am educating myself about informality, although my research is mainly desktop-based. I mainly focus on Brazil and aim land a job there in the near future. Please see my blog for more info.

    I am considering to come to Cambridge on Saturday the 19th of February – I may meet you there. Meanwhile, I keep a keen eye on your blog.

    Best regards, Maurits

  4. Adrianna,

    I am co-hosting a panel discussion at the American Society of Landscape Architects conference in San Diego later this year and I am wondering if you would be interested in joining the panel. The topic for the panel discussion is temporality, experimentation and improvisation in the context of landscape urbanism. The panel will be moderated by Elizibeth K. Meyer (former chair of the Graduate Program at UVA) and will be joined by John Bela of the Rebar Group. We are looking for a 3rd panelist that can speak to the issue of informality and urban landscapes (of all scales) that are improvised rather than planned or designed. Whether your interested in joining or not it would be great to talk. You can reach me on the email posted with this comment.



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