Satellite image of Guayaquil, showing the location of the interventions analyzed. Also, it is important to note that Guayaquil is located on marsh land- this can clearly be seen in the aerial.

This plan of Guayaquil, although somewhat incomplete, shows all of the regeneration projects in green. The plan was given to me by the Fundacion Malecon 2000 ( the Malecon 2000 foundation), in charge of the design and current maintenance of the Malecon 2000- or main waterfront renvoation project-  as well as the designs for all of the urban regeneration projects that take place in the city. The fundacion is a private entity which was created for the initial waterfront renovation project and then kept on as consultants and designers for the municipality. The actual maintenance and administration of the urban regeneration projects are taken care by another foundation, this one public, called the Fundacion Siglo XXI. ( ATT: the North arrow is not pointing up in this map- just a quick heads up so that you can situate yourself better with the satellite image).

Following is a quick diagram of the actors, hierarchy and process involved in Guayaquil’s regeneration projects.

One thought on “Some maps of Guayaquil

  1. The maps look great! Sounds like such interesting work. Need any help down there? I’d be happy to be your mapping staff!

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