I have organized my itinerary by regions, identifying 12 primary sites and a number secondary sites. The bulk of my research will take place in Latin America where some of the most interesting efforts addressing the favela have taken place. Asia and Africa will serve as points of comparison and variants in the favelic chic paradigm. Europe holds a series of secondary sites where specific projects dealing with the rehabilitation of depressed neighborhoods will contribute as precedents of innovative solutions that can be potentially adapted to the favela.

First leg: 3 -1/2 months; close to 110 days


Today, some of the most interesting efforts to improve informal cities are occurring in Latin America, where the growing economies, decentralization, and democratization processes have allowed stronger local autonomy in urban development projects, as well as a clear emphasis in reflecting citizen rights through city form and its new physical manifestations.

SITES: Guayaquil, Medellin, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago> equaling a total of 7 cities + secondary stops along the way

FIRST STOP: Guayaquil, Ecuador… stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “And so the journey begins

  1. Hey adri! Congratulations again! I’m so excited for you and looking forward to seeing the results of your research and of course seeing u in Cairo this summer to introduce u to the city and its architecture.
    I keep bombarding you with links and books to read but I can’t help it 🙂 So here is a link I think you will like: http://www.favelapainting.com
    As described in their mission: The Favela Painting Project creates striking artworks in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. It collaborates with local people to use art as a tool to inspire, create beauty, combat prejudice and attract attention.

    Good luck and looking forward to reading all about your progress and work!

  2. Safe travels Adri! Can’t wait to hear more about your research and potentially meet up for an international visit! – Sarah

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